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A sexuality where any gender is attracted to the perfection in this world that is named Jennifer Marie Morrison

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What is love?

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I mean, I have so much Evil Regal friends, I talk with them all the time and everything is awesome. But I need some ugly duckling friends as well… Drama free from the ships! I mean I don’t care if you ship Swan Queen, Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, Swan Fire or whatever, if you have love for Jen, well… let’s be friends!

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Jennifer Morrison attends the alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Spring 2015 NYFW Presentation at The Pierre Hotel on September 8, 2014 in New York City.

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// SQ manip: Getting ready to celebrate

Emma: Do we really have to go? When do we have to be there?

Regina: It was your idea, Emma … to tell everyone at dinner. Which is at 8.

Emma: But I want to stay in and celebrate with you. Just you and me and …

Regina: I know, darling.

Emma: <sighs and puts her arms around Regina from behind> I can’t seem to let go of you for some reason.

Regina: <leans back against Emma> That reason is the size of a walnut as you put it so nicely this afternoon, and I think it’s perfectly normal.

Emma: Is it bugging you already?

Regina:: <works her hand under Emma’s to rest it on her belly> Not at all, love. In fact, I can’t quite keep away from you either.

Emma: So, dinner, we tell my parents, then we ditch Henry with them and come home? And then we celebrate? <she presses a kiss to Regina’s shoulder>

Regina: If you keep doing that, I’m going to make you have the fastest dinner ever. <she turns in Emma’s arms> Let’s make a deal: we go now, we play nice, and we’re home by 9 at the latest.

Emma: <chuckles> I wasn’t planning on staying that long …

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swan mills charming family meets parks and rec

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Once Upon A Time
↘ Emma Swan
Red Jacket & The Yellow Bug

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AU — where Emma finally tells her parents who she’s been seeing. Bring on the family dinner!

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Give me love like never before, ‘cause lately I’ve been craving more. And all I want is the taste that your lips allow. My my, oh give me love. 

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But darling, I love you, blood and all.

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How I Met Your Mother | Jennifer Morrison as Zoey Pierson (6/8)

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The Queen and Her Knight.